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    Concrete Finishing Northern Virginia specializes in decorative concrete finishing. Stamped concrete, concrete pavers, concrete resurfacing, concrete driveways, polished concrete, and more. With many years of experience, and the best team in the region, we can assist you with all your concrete related projects. We are experts in concrete finishing and other tasks and we offer highly competitive prices using only the very best materials available. Please read our online testimonials and reviews to see just how satisfied previous customers have been with our services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    When we first launched the company, we were determined to become the number one concrete contractor in the region. We realized that to do this, we had to offer competitive prices while still using the best quality materials and providing a highly skilled and qualified workforce. Many years later, we are proud that we not only achieved our aims quickly, but that every member of our team has continued to maintain the standards we set. By keeping to those standards, and by staying abreast of new developments throughout the industry, we can continue to be the number one choice in this area for many years to come.


    While our core service is offering the highest standard of concrete finishing, we also offer a wide range of other concrete services. These include concrete pavers, concrete resurfacing, driveway pavers, polished concrete, and much more besides. Our finished work all comes with full guarantees to give you peace of mind, and we are also a fully licensed company. Where relevant, we will ensure that any work complies with all building codes, and when permits are required for a project, we will advise and assist you with that too.

    Concrete Finishing

    We are experts at all types of concrete finishing and you are guaranteed to be impressed with the final results. Our team puts a lot of effort even into simple trowel or broom finishing to ensure a smooth or ridged finish that you want. We offer a wide range of aggregates for that special finish, including colored granite and basalt, producing a surface that looks great but is also slip resistant when wet. Our finishing work can be carried out on a new surface or using concrete resurfacing to apply a new finish.

    Stamped Concrete

    We have heard many people call stamped concrete a ‘cheap option’, and we couldn’t disagree more. While it is true that stamped concrete is a cost effective alternative to natural stone or other materials, when you look at a good stamped-concrete patio, then ‘cheap’ is probably the last word you would use. With an amazingly wide range of patterns, styles, and textures available, we are sure we can find one you will love. And if we don’t have one you like, we will create a customized one to give you a unique solution.

    “Concrete Finishing Northern Virginia installed a wonderful stamped concrete floor in our office. Many clients have commented on how good it looks. Thanks!”- - Roy Baldman, South Riding.

    Stamped Concrete Cost

    While we certainly don’t class a stamped concrete solution as being cheap, it does provide a less expensive alternative to costly natural stone. There are also other advantages outside of the initial cost of purchase and installation. Stamped concrete floors need far less maintenance and are generally less susceptible to damage than their natural counterparts. And if repairs are ever needed, then that is a less costly process too. So not only are you making immediate savings, but you will also continue to make savings over the lifetime of your stamped concrete surface.

    Stamped Concrete Floors

    Whether you have a residential or commercial premises, a properly installed stamped concrete floor will not only enhance your space, but it will be durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain. For commercial locations, stamped concrete floors offer an option which can cope with large foot traffic, yet still continue to look amazing. In a residential space, your family and friends will find it hard to tell the difference between our man-made product and the natural alternatives. Whether looking to make your office look warm and welcoming, or to add a touch of class to your home interior, get in touch with us now to discuss your options. We can also maintain or repair any existing floors.

    “Concrete Finishing Northern Virginia built us a fantastic patio that is now the envy of our neighbors. We couldn’t be happier.” – Jill Davies, Ashburn

    Concrete Stain or Paint?

    This is another area of concrete services where the choices can be bewildering at times. With our years of experience in these processes, we can advise you on the pros and cons of every option as well as suggesting which one will best suit your needs. A major consideration in this area is also the fact that some of the materials used in the staining or painting process may be hazardous and should only be handled by trained professionals using the correct safety equipment. Our team can carry out concrete staining or concrete painting efficiently and safely, so that you don’t have to worry about mistakes.

    Cost of Concrete Finishing

    Costs can vary widely depending on the finish you choose and other factors such as any treatments or sealants to be added afterwards. Your cost will depend a lot on how much labor is involved in your job. But our price are always competitive, and our materials are of the best quality, so we guarantee you that you will always get value for money.

    “A friend recommended Concrete Finishing Northern Virginia to stain the concrete floors at our business. Great standard of work and the price was good too!” ​ – Gordon Learmouth, Reston.

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